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If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

Ashley S.

“Having been in the ‘dental industry’ myself for more than ten years, my expectations for Bell Orthodontics were probably higher than for most normal patients. The kind, knowledgeable, and professional staff is awesome. Dr. Bell is a wonderful, personable man with a good sense of humor! I feel very comfortable and confident that I will obtain the results I am looking for with my smile.”

Jamie G.

“My daughter and I are both patients of Dr. Bell. The team at Bell Orthodontic Solutions is fantastic! They are always friendly and helpful. My daughter started with Invisalign® last year and her progress was so amazing that I decided to finally get my teeth corrected too. I was a bit nervous as most of the patients are younger, but Dr. Bell and the team make it so comfortable!”

Jennifer K.

“Dr. Bell and the staff at Bell Orthodontics are amazing! They are so nice! I appreciate the time they took to explain my daughter’s orthodontics plan and especially how they include my daughter in every conversation. They even use kid terms so she understands. I (along with my daughter) am excited for the Coin Rewards Program as well. What a great way to get the kids enthusiastic about their appointments! Thanks for such a positive experience and will recommend Bell Orthodontics to all of my friends!”

Andrea M.

“I was very pleased with my experience. I am starting the Invisalign treatment. From the moment I met the staff I knew I made a good choice. The staff was very welcoming and very friendly. I loved how organized the office was and I didn‘t wait long at all. Dr. Bell was awesome! He is down to earth and really eased my nerves about the overall process. I can’t express enough how much of a pleasant experience it was. This was not my first consultation, but the overall character of the staff and the great work I seen made my choice a lot easier. I am looking forward to my new journey with Bell Orthodontics.”

Sofia L.

“Bell Orthodontics is AWESOME! All the staff members are very kind and amazing as well. Dr. Bell is the best orthodontist ever!”

Lindy U.

“I couldn’t be happier with Dr. Bell and the whole team! Very knowledgeable and the whole staff is very professional. Dr. Bell is patient and explains everything. Never have any difficulties scheduling appointments. Go to the best!”

Julie R.

“We were drawn to Dr. Bell because so many of our friends' children have gotten or are in braces from Bell Orthodontic. After our first appointment we didn't have to look any further, we knew this would be a great experience for our family and especially our daughter. I really enjoy that the children can participate in their progress within the rewards program. The staff is all very friendly and knowledgeable.”

Nicky V.

“Highly recommend Dr. Bell and his team. I am older than the typical patient and a college student. Dr. Bell continuously keeps my financial situation in mind when making decisions going forward. Any time that I have questions/concerns, I receive immediate responses. Once, I emailed the office asking about teeth whiteners and received a response from Dr. Bell himself. It is impressive to see Dr. Bell engage so much with his patients, but I also want to mention his team. The girls that work in the office are awesome; they always remember concerns I bring up but also engage in conversation with me. My check-up appointments take 15 minutes, max, which is important to me as I currently have a schedule that is pretty tight. Also, I must say I am happy with my treatment. I chose the Invisalign option and am very pleased with the results so far!

“If I had kids, I would think that they would enjoy Dr. Bell’s office. He has an incentive system for kids to collect coins and turn them in for gift cards. I have also noticed he does some raffles/giveaways if kids submit pictures of them wearing the shirt Dr. Bell gave them at the start of their treatment. Overall, it is a really great atmosphere and you can tell that Dr. Bell and his office really care about their patients.”

Angela S.

“Dr. Bell and the entire staff at Bell Orthodontics are absolutely amazing! Not only are they fun, outgoing, caring, gentle, and kind, but extremely professional. They make the entire family feel welcome and make the process fun for the kids. My son loves to go to his orthodontic appointments! I have referred friends and family.”

Erin S.

“Dr. Bell and his staff are amazing! They do a fantastic job making the whole orthodontic experience fun and enjoyable. We were impressed with how attentive and helpful the entire staff is. So happy to have been recommended to them!”

Annette S.

“Just wanted to share with everyone that Bell Orthodontics has been a great choice for my family. We have always been impressed with the kind and knowledgeable staff. They are helpful and friendly. And our visits have always been well organized and quick, without feeling rushed. Most importantly, we feel the care and expertise of Dr. Bell is A+. The results after one year of treatment for my daughter are outstanding; we are very pleased. And thanks for making fixing teeth fun!”

Andrew S.

“As a junior in high school, you can imagine my dismay when my parents said ‘you have to get braces.’ At first, I thought that it was the end of the line for me, that it was hopeless for a person who got braces in high school. Since then I have rescinded that opinion as I realized just how many people in high school have braces, and the kindly manner that the staff at Bell Orthodontics operate under. Every month I walk in there and am met with a ‘Welcome back, Andrew!’ To top that off, the staff is very down to earth. They don’t just put you in a chair, do their job, and yell ‘NEXT!’ They actually talk to you! They explain what they are doing, why they are doing it, and ask things like ‘how has life been?’ And you can go ahead and call me a 12-year-old, but their Bell Bucks program is pretty awesome too. Who knew you could actually benefit from getting braces, aside from a new smile? Overall, if I had to get braces all over again, I wouldn’t choose any other place.”

Jessica H.

“My son was having issues between him and his life-long relationship with sucking his thumb! We had tried everything to get him to stop: bribing, bad-tasting gels, you name it! Dr. Bell and his extremely friendly staff fit him with a nifty little temporary appliance that prevents him from doing so, in a painless, unobtrusive way. My son has had the appliance for about a month now, and no more sucking his thumb! He can’t even tell he has it in! Almost daily, my son asks me if he is taking good care of his mouth because I know he wants to have a good next visit. We have two other children and plan on having all of their orthodontic work done at this clinic as well. I highly recommend Bell Orthodontics!”

Kara D.

“I’m nearly a year into my treatment, and I’m very satisfied with my experience at Bell Orthodontic Solutions! Typically, I meet with Whitney, who is very knowledgeable and wonderful at answering questions and giving advice regarding my orthodontic care. It’s so nice to work with someone who’s experienced having braces too and who’s so friendly. I would definitely recommend both Bell and Whitney to anyone looking for new orthodontic care! :) ”

Carrie R.

“Thank you to Dr. Bell and his staff for creating a friendly and upbeat environment where I can take my two boys (and soon my daughter) to help them improve upon their already beautiful smiles! The kids enjoy coming for their monthly checks, they are very motivated to keep their appliances and braces clean, and Dr. Bell always takes the extra minute to answer my questions and make me feel comfortable about their treatments. I have already recommended Bell Orthodontics to many of our friends and I will continue to do so; they are the best!”

Peter C.

“Bell Orthodontics is truly an amazing place. Not only are the people there very kind and hospitable, but they are also great at what they do! Coming from a 16-year-old kid such as myself, I didn’t really want to have braces on for a long time during high school. After going through the process of getting them on and taking them off, the results couldn’t be more satisfying. In a predicted 18-24 months of having braces on, I only had to have them on for 14. This is because I got great guidance from Dr. Bell, himself, and his employees on how to make this process the best it can be. It’s been about a month and a half now after getting my braces taken off and I am as happy as can be. Though I don’t know anything about the practice of orthodontics, I could still tell that Dr. Bell and his crew knew exactly what they were doing. The atmosphere there is very nice and they are great with all ages. I highly recommend going there if you are interested in getting a brand new smile.”

Kaylee R.

“I am a patient at Bell Orthodontics: as soon as I walked into the door of the Cedarburg location I got a very warm welcome from the staff! They cut right to the chase and got me into my consultation with Dr. Bell and a staff member to figure out what I essentially needed. It took only a few weeks after that and I had my braces put on! Now every time I go, I sign in and am into my appointment as soon as possible and always have very nice assistants work on my mouth. They are all very, very nice there. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Bell and his team; they’re awesome at what they do!”

Jamie B.

“We absolutely love Bell Orthodontics. The staff is extremely helpful and super friendly. Dr. Bell includes our seven-year-old in on the conversation and explains everything in detail. There are no surprises. We would not go anywhere else for our daughter’s orthodontic needs.”

Christine S.

“Bell Orthodontic Solutions is the best. The staff is friendly, informative, helpful, polite, and I am glad I chose them. I refer all my friends to Bell Orthodontics.”

Tracy M.

“Very friendly and courteous assistants. The office and patient areas are clean and well maintained. Dr. Bell is very professional and answers all my questions and concerns. The prices for services are reasonable and affordable with payment plans to fit most budgets. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of orthodontic work. Thanks for providing quality care for my two daughters.”

Jessica H.

“Absolutely the best orthodontist in Wisconsin. After being in braces myself as a teenager, I was baffled about finding someone when my daughter needed braces. My dentist recommended Dr. Bell and we not only finished orthodontic work for my daughter, but are currently doing work on my son. His staff is amazing. Friendly, knowledgeable, and a true team atmosphere. Dr. Bell puts his patients first and it’s apparent by his happy patients, award programs, and even a patient appreciation party. My daughter’s smile is beautiful, thanks to Dr. Bell and his staff, and my son is on his way to a healthier bite. I’ve recommend Dr. Bell many times and will forever do so.”

Tanya H.

“I have never had a bad experience with anyone associated with Bell Orthodontic Solutions. They are incredibly friendly, professional, great with kids, and really good at what they do! My second child just got her Invisalign today and I’m sure I’ll be bringing my third child in a few years too! Wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else!”

Cheryl W.

“What as positive experience! Just got my braces off at age 66! Having had many healthcare-related experiences in my life, I would rate this one at five star. The front office staff is warm and welcoming, and the technicians are highly skilled, helpful, and spend time educating and answering questions. Dr. Bell is extremely professional, runs a well-organized clinic, and is genuinely kind. He takes time to answer questions and shows concern. The results ... straight teeth and a great experience. Thanks so much to Dr. Bell and his staff!”

Michael M.

“Bell Orthodontics is a uniquely competent healthcare service provider, in that they are able to meld old-fashioned-great-to-see-you hospitality (and mean it) with high-tech and up-to-the-moment deployment of technology solutions.... All this wrapped up into a practical and predictive approach to guiding patients and clients through the administrative process. A very well-conceived and first-class operation — kudos!”

Todd B.

“I highly recommend Bell Orthodontics. They have an amazing staff, very friendly. My daughter was nervous about braces, but the staff was extremely patient and comforting putting my daughter at ease. Thank you, Dr. Bell.”

Libby W.

“Bell Orthodontic Solutions is an amazing office with such a friendly staff. We recently just visited the office for a consultation for my third child. When they told her that it was finally time to start her journey she was so excited. I think it’s pretty cool when your child is so excited to get braces even after seeing the older two siblings go through it. They make it fun for the kids with their nice-colored bands, tie-dyed shirt, and Bell tokens. Thank you!!”

Nicole M.

“We had two consultations with different orthodontics. We decided to go with Dr. Bell. We were very impressed with how helpful everyone was and how he took the time to explain the procedures. He not only spent time explaining to myself and husband but also my child. He asked her if she had any questions and was really good with her.”

Nancy G.

“Dr. Bell and his staff are very friendly and do a great job explaining the care plan. The staff did a great job working with our insurance provider so that we would know exactly what was covered and our obligation. The incentives for good oral care are very motivating for kids. Dr. Bell generously supports the local community and the schools many of his patients attend.”

Melissa K.

“I decided to get braces as an adult. After initially consulting with a different group, I decided to go with Dr. Bell and his team after hearing his reasonable and straightforward approach to fixing my teeth. During the initial consult, Dr. Bell sat down with me for over half an hour and thoroughly explained what each step of treatment would be and what the best options were. He patiently answered every question I had and made me feel completely at ease. The staff is always wonderful and friendly, and the appointments always run on time, which is especially appreciated since I have a work schedule to balance as well. I’ve been nothing but pleased with Bell Orthodontics.”

Jolie A.

“We met with several local orthodontists before choosing Dr. Bell. Very happy with our decision! He had a great rapport with my son.”

Janine H.

“I give this group five stars! Never thought I would be able to approach ‘the teeth straightening years’ without ‘mad at mom’ kids. However, my middle son, who doesn’t need any orthodontic work, is the upset one! Thanks for keeping such a warm environment. We look forward to visiting quite often over the next couple of years.”

Lisa E.

“My daughter has been a patient of Dr. Bell’s just since September, but our overall experience so far has been great. We chose Dr. Bell on the recommendation of a relative. The staff is very friendly and communicates to me very well how her treatment is progressing. My daughter actually looks forward to her visits. Lastly, our whole family had a blast at the customer appreciate party at Skateland over the weekend. Thanks for making ‘getting braces’ a really good experience.”

Jodi B.

“The personnel are very polite to my son and I. They have an amazing reward program that has influenced my son to brush his teeth and gums better! We are only at the beginning stages of braces, but Bell Orthodontic Solutions is the place to go. They have an interest-free payment plan which was a bonus for me. I highly recommend them for any orthodontic issues you may have!”

Kari P.

“Our daughter needed to get a spacer/retainer. She is eight and was very nervous. Dr. Bell and ALL of the staff are amazing!!! They explained each and every step to her, not just me. They are always smiling and sweet. They made her so relaxed and comfortable. The reward program, contests, skating party, and all the other fun things they do for the kids are awesome! I will be telling everyone I know, who needs any orthodontic work to go there!!! The different payment options are great too.”

Becky M.

“The team at Bell Orthodontic Solutions the best! Very efficient and friendly; we are in and out quickly every time. Dr. Bell and his team are very knowledgeable with their trade. It is a fun, relaxed atmosphere so my nine-year-old is never intimidated. We love all the contests and fun dress-up days. I would recommend Dr. Bell to anyone!”

Deanna H.

“Thank you to Dr. Bell and his staff for always making my eight-year-old Josie feel comfortable. She has a spacer on the top, a spacer on the bottom, and a few braces.... That’s a lot of hardware in a tiny little mouth. We’ve been totally pleased with our care and services at Bell Orthodontics!”

Jamie K.

“We were very concerned when our son was referred for orthodontic care by our dentist. We expected a huge bill and a very difficult road ahead for our nine-year-old, but the orthodontic experience offered by Dr. Bell and his staff is a refreshingly different one than we imagined. The creative incentive program, frequent contests, and friendly staff have actually left our son excited to go to the orthodontist. The cost of his treatments was a pleasant surprise for us as well: considerably lower than expected. We would highly recommend Dr. Bell to anyone needing orthodontic work. Oh, and our son adds, ‘Dr. Bell is awesome!’ ”

Misty H.

“We have had a great experience at Bell Orthodontics. Dr. Bell and all the staff are great at explaining everything thoroughly. Love the new facility and everyone is extremely nice. My kids love his kids’ program to earn tokens. Such a fun place!!”

Gretchen V.

“We have been using Dr. Bell for six months. He and his staff treat our daughter with kindness and compassion, encouraging her and rewarding her for taking proper care of her braces and retainer. The office staff make working with dental insurance company a breeze!”

David W.

“Dr. Bell is an exceptional orthodontist with an extreme attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to provide the best orthodontic care.”

Kaylon J.

“Definitely enjoyed my experience working with everyone at Bell Orthodontics. Everyone is very friendly, made me feel at home. If you’re looking to get braces, this is the place to go. Thanks for everything, you guys!”

Katia L.

“Wonderful and knowledgeable doctor who truly cares about his patients. The staff is also caring and experienced. I highly recommend Dr. Bell!!”

Kim W.

“We have been a part of the Bell Orthodontic Solutions family from the start. I say family because that is exactly how we have been treated. I have two daughters who are patients there and we have been so impressed by the warm, friendly faces each time we go. I cannot stress strongly enough just how much they care about the patients and their families. You can see it in everything they do, and that kind of caring comes from the heart, not because they have to but because they really do care. I would never even consider going anywhere else. They truly are the best!!”

Jennifer L.

“When our dentist said it was time for our daughter to start orthodontics, I found a number of orthodontists in the area and set up consults to see with whom we would be most comfortable. I also got feedback from local parents and teachers on who they went to for their kids. Dr. Bell’s name came up over and over again as the person to go to. Upon meeting him, we knew he was the one. He was so easy to talk to and really interacted with my eight-year-old. You could easily tell he was great with kids and was a dad himself. He suggested an approach that was geared toward fixing her immediate problem (a crossbite) without doing too much at this stage in her development. So far, we’ve seen great results. And the office staff is extremely friendly and helpful ... you can tell they all love working there. They have a welcoming waiting area, a Keurig machine, a fridge with juice and milk for the kids, train table, monthly contests, and an awesome incentive program for the kids to earn Bell Bucks to buy prizes for taking good care of their teeth and appliances. We really have been nothing but happy and would recommend this practice to anyone who is ready to start orthodontic treatment.”

Jeani S.

“We just joined Bell Orthodontic after doing quite a bit of searching for the perfect clinic. We are very happy with everything so far, most importantly, Dr. Bell’s explanation and rationale of the orthodontic care he feels is appropriate for our son. It is a great bonus that he and his entire staff are very welcoming and helpful. I feel like we have found the perfect place for our family!”

Denise A-J.

“I am extremely pleased with the treatment my daughter has received at Bell Orthodontic Solutions. My daughter is eight years old and needed a retainer for a crossbite. From the first time we visited the office for a consultation, through the making of the retainer and the monthly follow-up visits, every person we have come in contact with has been friendly and professional. Dr. Bell and his staff encourage their patients to be responsible and don’t put the burden on the parents. My daughter is totally involved in her treatment and is rewarded for doing what they ask her to do. When we arrive at her appointments, she registers herself on a computer, and we have never had to wait because of a delay. She hasn’t complained once and is maturing in the process! This has been a great experience.”

Karlee T.

“There is such a difference in the atmosphere at Bell Orthodontic Solutions, compared to any other orthodontic office. Even being an older student, I still have fun when I come to my appointments. I now look forward to coming to the orthodontist when I used to dread it. Every single person on the Bell Orthodontic Solutions staff is friendly and eager to help, no matter what it takes. They take advantage of so many new advances in technology, making every time I go there a unique experience. I could not be happier with my experience at Bell Orthodontic Solutions and with the final outcome of my smile.”

Elizabeth B.

“Bell Orthodontic has the most friendly staff. They all have the patience to answer all of our questions and take plenty of time to explain everything that they are doing very thoroughly. Appointments are very timely and everyone is so excited to see us making us feel very welcome.”

Holly G-D.

“Dr. Bell and his team were warm, friendly, and very professional. They eased my son’s mind about getting braces and answered all of our questions. They also are willing to help people come up with a financial solution to help you out. I have already recommended him to several people.”

Tammy F.

“Very professional staff in a comfortable setting. I like the Cedarburg office and every person we have met really is so friendly and caring to my son. He enjoys the interaction and positive vibe of the office. The games and Bell Bucks make it much easier to undergo orthodontics. We are fairly new here, but pleased so far with all our visits. My son has had a positive experience because the staff takes the time to share a laugh (or two or three!) and keep the appointment upbeat. A positive, welcoming environment for children and parents.”

Cecilia G.

“My daughter wasn’t happy about the idea of wearing braces, but Dr. Bell explained everything to her and everyone is so nice and professional that now she even enjoys going to her appointments and looks forward to earning coins to redeem for prizes. I like that the appointments are quick and always on time, so I don’t have to spend hours in the waiting room; I just sip a cup of coffee and relax while my daughter gets a beautiful smile.”

Kasia B.

“I have been extremely happy at Bell Orthodontic Solutions. Everybody is so friendly and genuinely cares about giving you your best smile. The atmosphere is very calm and comfortable as soon as you walk through the door. I couldn’t have asked for a better orthodontist!”

Nick S.

“Ever since I’ve been going to Bell Orthodontic, they’ve been making me leave with a smile on my face. In winter, I especially enjoy the hot chocolate, teas, and different types of coffee at the beverage bar. There are monthly contests and everything is new (dental chairs, computers, equipment). The office is also newly renovated! Dr. Bell and his crew provide care and support for all customers. They do it once and they do it right. Thanks, Dr. Bell and crew.”

Jean T.

“It is so wonderful to feel 100% confident about our decision to go with Bell Orthodontic. My son looks forward to his appointments and I have a completely positive feeling about our whole experience with their clinic. I was so nervous about making a decision about my son’s orthodontic care. Now I feel great!”

Kathy K.

“Bell Orthodontics was our third stop on my daughter’s road to straight teeth (we move a lot). He completed the journey very efficiently — did the final adjustments to make her teeth and jaw straight, and six months later the braces came off! Another daughter just went into braces a month ago and the team at Bell Orthodontics made it effortless.”

Stacy P.

“I highly recommend Bell Orthodontic. Dr. Bell and his staff do a great job of explaining the options available and making the patient feel comfortable. They are very friendly and take the time to explain what they are doing each step of the way. They also do a good job of encouraging children to be responsible in taking care of their teeth and appliances. We have been very pleased with the results.”

Tammy F.

“We started seeing Dr. Bell when my eight-year-old needed a device in his mouth. Dr. Bell and his staff are very welcoming, and take the time to explain what needs to be done and how they will go about doing it. Their staff and the office setting are excellent at making my son feel comfortable. I was really worried about how many son would feel about getting orthodontic treatment. The Bell Bucks program makes it so much easier for him and he has enjoyed interacting with the staff. Each patient gets a T-shirt. There are for fun contests to enter in the lobby. We enjoy seeing Dr. Bell for my son’s orthodontic needs.”

Sue C.

“Bell Orthodontic Solutions is a fun place to go! The staff is friendly and the office is high tech. My daughter is motivated by the coin reward program to keep her appliance clean.”

Lisa C.

“My kids love coming to Dr. Bell.... They actually enjoy their appliance checkups! Highly recommended!”

Gia T.

“We are so happy to have selected such an awesome place at which to get our daughter’s braces done! Kyla is very comfortable with Dr. Bell and his staff and enjoys all her appointments!”

Tammy S.

“My nine-year-old son enjoys going to Bell Orthodontic, and I also like it. The Bell Bucks program and the friendly environment make each visit appealing. We are always greeted with a smile and very positive attitudes. My son just started his orthodontic treatment, and we have enjoyed getting to know the staff as they help us navigate unfamiliar territory. After his first visit, they told me he couldn’t stop laughing. The games, contests, and coffee maker, as well as the warm and sincere staff, make it a fun experience. They are knowledgeable and helpful with how to straighten teeth. Dr. Bell explained everything to us at the beginning and answered all our questions. I feel like everyone at Bell takes the time to answer my questions. Looking forward to a beautiful smile!”

Elizabeth A.

“The service that Bell Orthodontic provides goes deeper than the plain come and go; they provide a fun, caring, and enjoyable atmosphere that keeps you coming back. You can tell how much fun the hygienists have while working and you are guaranteed a laugh whenever you visit. Not only is the atmosphere great, but the miracle that they have done on my teeth alone is amazing! I went to many other orthodontists who wanted to grind teeth, or break my upper palate and then reconstruct it in a weird way to fix my teeth, but Bell Orthodontic promised no unpleasant methods and were quick and much less painful. Thank you, Bell Orthodontic Solutions! It has been a pleasure!”

Dawn C.

“We are very pleased with Bell Orthodontic Solutions. The staff is friendly and we always feel welcome. The ease of getting appointments is great. I would highly recommend Dr. Bell to anyone at any age.”

Christie S.

“I just got my braces off at Bell Orthodontic, and my teeth look fabulous! They are always having contests and they really care about how much time you spend waiting to get in for your appointment and everything is really efficient! I actually enjoy going to the orthodontist now!”